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Stash. Protect. Authenticate. Trade & Share.

The Ultimate Collectible Hub: Track Your Treasures with No Limits!



ValArt is an innovative platform designed to manage collectibles, with its initial focus on the art world. This platform, available as both a website and an application, enables users to seamlessly merge physical and digital collectables into a single interface.


Additionally, ValArt offers a groundbreaking authenticity system, allowing for the authentication of your collectible documentation. Moreover, it transforms physical items documentation into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), providing you with digital copies of your authenticity and provenance documents, ensuring your peace of mind.




Digitised Catalogue



Build a comprehensive digital portfolio for your collectibles, whether they are physical or digital. Keep track of your collection, including item details, locations, and other pertinent information.

Track the value of your collectables in one place - only register your collectables once and we'll do all the heavy lifting going forwards. 


Convert all your physical collectible documents into digital copies, guaranteeing the long-term preservation and security of your collectibles for years to come. With ValArt, who needs paper?

Protect & Authenticate

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