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Track and analyse your collectibles like never before.

Manage your physical and digital collectible in once place, with valuation, authentication

 and protection features included. 

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I have an ever growing collection of rare and vintage Transformers toys and for years have tried to find a way to properly catalogue these for personal and insurance purposes. ValArt is the only real solution I’ve found to do this; one that is simple and intuitive to use while also giving me a true market value of my collection. It’s genuinely great fun adding each item and seeing your collection organised and presented in a neat and tidy way and I’m excited to share this with fellow collectors.

Jason Wagner 

Vintage Transformers Toy Collector


The all-in-one collectibles platform.

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Start tracking your collection now
Only £4.99 per month 


Protecting your collection

ValArt emerges as an unparalleled management platform dedicated to the art of curating collectibles with both elegance and efficiency. Our mission is to refine and elevate your collection experience, enabling meticulous organization and seamless inheritance planning. This platform empowers you to catalogue your treasures in exquisite order, ensuring that your legacy and passions are easily accessible to your loved ones in times of transition.


Our founder, a seasoned collector, brings a deeply personal understanding to the challenges faced by fellow enthusiasts. This intimate knowledge, born from a lifetime of collecting, is the cornerstone upon which ValArt was conceived. We are driven by a shared passion for collectibles and a commitment to solving the very dilemmas we ourselves have encountered.


At ValArt, we not only recognize the intrinsic value of your collectibles; we cherish them as ardently as you do. Our community of collectors is eagerly awaiting to welcome you. Join us, and let us embark on a journey to transform the way we preserve, appreciate, and bequeath the collections that narrate our stories.

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Leveraging cutting-edge technology

Dive into a world where your treasures aren't just safe; they're celebrated! ValArt is your protector, wielding the latest, mightiest tech  to keep your collections not just secure, but thriving. Imagine a sanctuary where every piece of your collection whispers tales of adventure, love, and mystery, all while snug under the watchful eye of ValArt's technological embrace.


With us, you're not just safeguarding your prized possessions; you're ensuring they dance into the future, ready to dazzle and inspire generations to come. ValArt is more than a guardian; it's your partner in crafting an enduring legacy of passion and joy. So, let's protect, and let's promise our treasures a future as bright and bold as our dreams!

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Trusted by collectors just like you. 

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"Knowing I've got a record of my valuables digitally and their value means I know I'm covered should anything happen"

James Brooke 

Trading Card & Lego Collector

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"After years in music and entertainment, I’ve collected many pieces of art, limited edition items and memorabilia which have remained in boxes until I discovered ValArt, I am now recording them and storing safely which has given me amazing peace of mind"

Nick Dryden

Music & Entertainment  Collector

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"ValArt is a brilliant tool, I've got all kinds of collectables and artwork - having a single place to store all of this and keep an eye on the value fluctuation is invaluable. Also, knowing that my important documents are stored safely is a massive weight off my shoulders - if anything were to ever happen, I would have instant, secure access in seconds. I would highly recommend ValArt to anyone with anything collectable to keep your collection safe."

Adam Davies

Agnostic Collector


Time to take your portfolio up a level
Try ValArt today.

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